Leipzig Spinnerei

A white room. Empty. Silent. Easy to ponder here, to concentrate undisturbed on the essential. One creates. New worlds develop in this silence and emptiness. Get in touch with each other. Meet like-minded people. Exchange experiences.

G11 studio is such a place and furthermore a project which offers international artists a two month stay for creative work on the Spinnerei premises in Leipzig. A project for people who want to discover new grounds, ready for an experiment. A project for people who fill the room’s white emptiness with colour, carrying out their artistic ideas.

Currently, there are two G 11 projects existing independently from each other but connected through a close relation and partnership: these are the G 11 art project Berlin-Funkhaus and G 11 art project Leipzig-Spinnerei.

Leipzig G 11 art project provides an enthralling and interesting frame as it is set immediately on the area of the internationally acclaimed Baumwollspinnerei – a main location of contemporary art. (www.spinnerei.de) (www.spinnereigalerien.de).